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 Post subject: switch interupt
PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:22 am 

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somebody can tell me if easy69k program can program the devise to produce an output like a text message by control a switch...

for example..
a PID/push button switch is switch on then the output 'message 1' will appear

and how to go to the next message if there are have 4 message..

i have try this but not one is working..
i hope somebody can tell or give me some example for this situation..

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:45 pm 
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Here is an example program that displays the state of toggle switches 0 and 1.

* Program    : switchInput.x68
* Written by : Chuck Kelly
* Date       : Jan 22, 2010
* Description: Demonstrate use of toggle switches for user input.
* Displays the current state of toggle switches 0 and 1.
        ORG $1000
START:                      ; first instruction of program

* Display hardware window
        MOVE.B  #32,D0
        MOVE.B  #00,D1
        TRAP    #15

* Use trap task to get address of toggle switches in D1.L
        MOVE.B  #32,D0      ; trap task 32 Hardware/Simulator
        MOVE.B  #3,D1       ; D1.B = 03, Return address of toggle swithces in D1.L
        TRAP    #15         ; perform task
        MOVE.L  D1,A0       ; A0 is pointer to toggle switches

* Read starting state of toggle switches into D2
        MOVE.B  (A0),D2
        BSR     DISPLAY     ; display switch states

    WHILE <T> DO.S          ; ***** INFINITE LOOP *****
            MOVE.B  #23,D0
            MOVE.L  #1,D1       ; delay 1/100 second
            TRAP    #15
            MOVE.B  (A0),D1     ; read switches
        UNTIL.B D1 <NE> D2 DO   ; loop until switch change
        MOVE.B  D1,D2       ; switch data
        BSR     DISPLAY

* Keep here in case infinite loop is removed.
        MOVE.B  #9,D0
        TRAP    #15             ; halt simulator

* Display switch states
* Pre: D2.B contains switch data
* Post: Displays switch states
*       D2 unchanged
DISPLAY MOVEM.L D0/D1/A1,-(SP)  ; save registers
        MOVE.B  #11,D0      ; clear screen
        MOVE.W  #$FF00,D1
        TRAP    #15
        LEA     SWITCH0,A1  ; message pointer
        MOVE.B  #14,D0
        TRAP    #15         ; display message
        BTST    #0,D2       ; test switch 0 state
        BEQ     S0_OFF      ; if off
        LEA     ON,A1       ; 'ON' message
        BRA     S0DISP
S0_OFF  LEA     OFF,A1      ; 'OFF' message
S0DISP  MOVE.B  #14,D0
        TRAP    #15         ; display 'ON' or 'OFF'

        LEA     SWITCH1,A1  ; same for switch1
        MOVE.B  #14,D0
        TRAP    #15
        BTST    #1,D2
        BEQ     S1_OFF
        LEA     ON,A1
        BRA     S1DISP
S1_OFF  LEA     OFF,A1
S1DISP  MOVE.B  #14,D0
        TRAP    #15
        MOVEM.L (SP)+,D0/D1/A1  ; restore registers

* Variables and Strings
ON      DC.B    'ON',$D,$A,0
OFF     DC.B    'OFF',$D,$A,0

        END       START   ; last line of source

Prof. Kelly

 Post subject: thanks you prof
PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:14 am 

Joined: Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:57 am
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Location: malaysia
now i understand how to make it..but by referring into your code i'm want to know how to give some led output because you not state the address of switch..

switch 0 on=led 0 on
switch 0 off=led 0 off

switch1 on=led 1 on
switch1 off =led1 off

that true if i just give the output address for led

movea.l #$100001,A2 *set value to output LED
move.b #$00,(A2) *all LED will OFF

or something like this

LED EQU $100001 *set led output address


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