How to set text colors... without trap task 21.
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Author:  Pangamma [ Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  How to set text colors... without trap task 21.

Before anyone asks, yes this is a homework assignment. Specifically, the instructor has told the class we are not allowed to use any trap tasks over 15. (So no Move.B #21, D0). Any other ways that you guys could think of to insert color or is this a lost cause?

For any poor soul trying to figure out how to do this WITH trap 21 or whichever method is allowable, use this method below.

MOVE.B #21, d0 Task type for setting font properties.
TRAP #15 Actually SET the font properties.
MOVE.B #14, d0 Set the Task type back to printing text.

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