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Author:  Plasmo [ Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Hardware windows

Currently I interface to my hardware using Hyperterminal. I like the various windows on EASy68K Simulator very much. The memory, stack, registers, output, hardware and the simulator windows are all useful and desirable. Could such set of windows interface to the actual hardware? Another words, instead of getting data from the simulator, can these windows get the necessary information from the hardware? I'm not suggesting one set of windows interfaces to both simulator and hardware (although that's an intriguing idea), but a set of windows that look&feel like Sim68K windows that interface exclusively to the hardware. In a simplistic approach, the windows send the memory/register/breakpoint/trace requests to the hardware via a serial port and the hardware responds with the appropriate data, not unlike talking to Hyperterminal except different windows have different ID so hardware needs to include the corresponding window ID in its response so data will be posted on the correct window. It is a small modification to the existing monitor/debugger to append window ID to its responses, the burden is on the windows to format & display the incoming data correctly.

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