The smallest DIL64 MC68000/010 computer, CP/M capable
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Author:  gbm [ Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:53 pm ]
Post subject:  The smallest DIL64 MC68000/010 computer, CP/M capable

First, I'd like to say Hello to the forum members.

I am a lecturer providing courses on computer architecture and embedded systems. For fun and for teaching purposes I designed a bunch of computers with various microprocessors based on my SDC concept (https://hackaday.io/page/5899-sdc-softw ... er-concept).
The MC68000 model has the size of a DIL64 socket and I believe it to be the smallest computer with a processor in DIL64.

Some details and pictures may be found here:

It's not a speed demon (with 5 MHz MC68000 clock it reaches the speed equivalent to approx 1.25 MHz with no wait states), but it was not designed for performance. The hardware monitor allows for examining the CPU operation at bus-cycle level. It makes it is possible to show the MC68000 prefetch (and MC68010 loop mode), addressing modes, stack operations and exception handling and many other CPU features.
I'll be happy to share the project especially with the ones who would use it in teaching.

That's a pity that EASy68K does not support MC68010, at least in assembler. I believe that MC68010 support option in settings dialog would be useful, especially considering its simplicity (just few simple instructions to add to the assembler, disassembler and simulator). Anyway I am impressed with usefulness and capabilities of EASy68k. Thanks!

Author:  profkelly [ Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The smallest DIL64 MC68000/010 computer, CP/M capable

The assembler source contains code to support 68010 (currently commented). The simulator has never supported 68010.

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